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Adam Palko, .Dave Russo and Tony Russo, 9/17/16.

Tony Russo. 9/17/16..

Adam Palko and Dave Russo, 9/17/16.

Mike Hunter,from Tyrone, PA and Tim Hebbard from Frankin,NY 09/10/2016..

Joe Laguzzi Group, Forest City, PA 9/2/2016 afternoon trip.

Joe Laguzzi, Jeff Aiken and Mike Kovaleski 9/2/2016.

Jeff Aiken, 9/2/2016

Mike Kovaleski, 9/2/2016

Joe Laguzzi, 9/2/2016

Mike Nebzydoski Group, from Pleasant Mount, PA 9/2/2016.

Henry Nebzydoski and Gabe Zukosky, from Pleasant Mount,PA 9/1/2019

Chet Gordon ansd John Paluzzi, from Parsippany, NJ 8/31/16.

Lake Serafin, Tina Serafin and Rob Vail , of Montdale, PA 8/31/16..morning trip.

Steve Bailey Woodstock, NY, 8/26/16..

Wenderroth Group from Kingston, NY. 8/29/16 afternoon trip.

Steve Bailey with a bonus late August brown trout, 8/26/16 morning trip.

Doug Hoyt, from Hurley,NY with another giant king salmon, 8/28/16 afternoon trip.

Joe Andel and Al Vannan, 8/28/16 morning trip

Fred Doyle, 8/27/16 afternoon trip

Len Ogazalek and Josh Black, 8/27/16, morning trip.

Larry Black and Richie Gould 8/26/16 morning trip

The O'Neill Group, on a very rainy morning, but still good fishing..8/21/16..

Cody McNeill, 36lbs. 4 oz. 8/20/16..

McNeill Group from Pine Grove, PA 8/20/16 afternoon trip.

McNeill Group from Pine Grove, PA 8/20/16afternoon trip .

Lee Rowan Group from Forest City, PA with a nice coho and king salmon.8/20/16 morning trip.

The Toth Group, 8/7/16..

Steve Toth Jr., 8lb king salmon, 8/7/16..

Jonathan Toth, 20lb. king salmon, 8/7/16..

Steve Toth, Parsippany, NJ 18lb. king salmon, 8/7/16..

Scott Thantham Group from Elmira, NY 7/23/16..

Mike Spizzirri with the first giant king salmon of the season, 30lbs. 4 oz..7/16/16..

Team Finhooker, First Place team, Salmon Country Tournament 7/16/16..

Joe Klikus started us off with the first king salmon of the season on July 5th.. Hopefully many more to come..
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