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Rich Ormsby , from Simpson, PA 7/16/16..

Chris Chiavacci from Scranton, PA 6/4/16..

Captain Mike and Scott Chiavacci from Scranton, PA with a huge 19lb. lake trout, 5/4/16..

Ken Saul Group, Forest City, PA..5/28/16.

Jack and Chris Bush, from Doylestown, PA, 5/22/16..

Jack Bush, 4lb. smallmouth bass, 5/22/16.

Justin Ogozolek, 5/21/16..

Len Ogozolek, 5/21/16.

Larry Black, 5/21/16.

Justin Ogozolek, 5/21/16..

Len, Justin, Lenny Ogozalek, and Larry Black Group, 5/21/16..

Randy Rowe, Giant Laker , 4/30/16..

Jose Candelario, 4/30/16.

Eli Mulero, 4/30/16

Randy Rowe, 4/30/16..

Deblase Family, from Pottstown, PA..4/30/16..

Deblase Family, 4/30/16..

Deblase Family, 4/30/16..

Chris Trevitz Group, from Sunbury, PA 4/24/16.

Brianna Trevitz and her dad, Chris with a nice laker on 4/24/16..

Tim Relyea Family, 4/17/16

Joe Laguzzi Group, 4/16/16

Joe Laguzzi, 4/16/16

Mike Kovaleski, 4/16/16

Dave Laguzzi, 4/16/16
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