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Art, Molly, Felicia Mertz and Ed Roche, from Lehighton, PA. Labor Day Monday trip..

Arthur Mertz with daughters Felicia and Molly and friend Ed Roche. 9/3/17 afternoon trip

Tom Schmoyer Sr., Tom Schmoyer Jr., Tammy McGinnis and Mike Mozienski, from Reading, PA 9/3/17.morning trip

Tom Schmoyer and Tammy McGinnis 9/2/17, afternoon trip.

Travis Dorberbecker, Tim Washer,Adam Riker and Steve Franklin, from New Jersey 8/27/17 afternoon trip..

Al Vannan Group, 8/27/17 morning trip..

Captain Mike and Fred Doyle, from Archbald, PA 8/26/17

Len Ogozalek, Josh Black, Larry Black and Richie Gould..8/26/17 morning trip..

Len Ogozalek, Josh Black, Larry Black and Richie Gould afternoon trip, 8/25/17

John Check, Ray and John Angus, morning trip, 8/25/17..

Glen Ray Group form Allentown, PA..8/24/17

Robin McNeal Group,from Pine Grove,PA, 8/19/17. afternoon trip.

Chuck Dygert Group, from Osceola, NY..8/19/17..morning trip.

Mike Rodriguez, Jason Flear and Tim Lea, 8/13/17..

John Sabina Group from Towanda, PA, 8/12/17..

Rich Ormsby, Jason Flear and Justin Ormsby, GREAT DAY!! 7/30/2017..

Rich Ormsby, 25lb. 7oz. king salmon, 7/30/17..

Justin Ormsby, 7/30/17.

Jason Flear, 7/30/17

Don Mutch, Fred and Patrick Berrado..7/23/2017..

Don Mutch, Fred and Patrick Berrado from Hohokus, NJ with a great catch from today..7/22/2017..

Rich Ormsby, Mike Spizzirri and Capt. Mike with their catch from The Salmon Country Tourney, including a 2nd place 19lb. 8 oz king salmon..7/15/17..
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