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Jeff Katchmore, steelhead, 6/10/18..

Dan Katchmore, 6/10/18..

Drew & Kathy Stong along with Mike & Lisa Lentz from Skippack,Pa.6/3/18.

Tom, Andy Nebzydoski and Pete Vauter, afternoon trip, 5/26/18..

Cindy and Ian Diedrich, 5/26/18 morning trip..

The Toth Family, 5/19/18..

John Toth, 5/19/18..

Jack and Chris smith, 4/28/18.

Chris Smith 4/28/18. 12 pounder!!

Team Laguzzi, 4/27/18..

Chris and Uncle Joe Laguzzi, 4/27/18.

Chris and Dave Laguzzi, 4/27/18.

Robin McNeal Group, 4/21/18..

Larry Patrick, 8lb. brown trout, 4/22/2018.

Tim Relyea Group, 4/22/18.

Larry Patrick, 13 lb. lake trout, 4/22/18.
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