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Jason Flear and friend Mike, 8/16/18, afternoon trip.

Rich Ormsby, 8/16/18..afternoon trip.

The Hoyts, 8/16/18..morning trip.

Justin Hoyt, 8/16/18..morning trip..

Dean Rittenhouse Group, 8/11/18, afternoon trip..

Dean Rittenhouse Group, 8/12/18. morning trip..

Bernie Cloos, morning trip, 8/11/18.

Tom Oshinski and Chris Smith with a great catch from 8/4/2018..

Tom Oshinski , from Langhorne, PA with a nice laker trout..8/4/2018.

Tom Oshinski with a 24lb king salmon, 8/4/2018..

Rich Kane, king salmon, 6/10/18..

Ken Saul with the first king salmon of the 2018 season, an early on caught on May 18th, 2018..
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