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    Our season begins at ice out, mid-March to early April. This is the time for shallow water fishing for Brown Trout as the waters near the mouth of surrounding Lake Ontario tributaries warm up due to run off distribution into the lake. This warmer water first brings in huge schools of healthy bait for the Browns to gorge themselves on. These fish grow very quickly in our bait rich waters and attain trophy size in only 2 to 3 years. This fishing lasts into mid- May.


    As the general lake waters warm and the fish move away from shore, our fishery develops some unique characteristics, such as thermal bars and temperature breaks, causing the fish to concentrate in these certain areas. An angler fishing with us in mid-May to the end of June might enjoy limits of Brown Trout one day and the aerobatics of Steelhead the next. Also during these times, an angler will have the chance to experience a huge Lake Trout on the end of his line, often ranging in weight from 5 to 15 pounds, with a 20 pound fish not all that uncommon. Imagine landing one of these trophy size fish on light lines down to 6 lb. test and feeling every twitch and head shake through the light action of our light Spring tackle. Even the most seasoned angler's heart pounds in excitement with this experience.

    June and July bring exceptional summer weather to eastern Lake Ontario, with generally calm seas and warm temperatures. This is prime time for those trophy Lake Trout, where limit catches are the rule rather than the exception! But let's not forget, this is the time when there is always a chance for catching a trophy class King Salmon, Brown Trout, or Steelhead. June and July are always the best months for a family trip on the beautiful waters of Lake Ontario.

    August and September bring large schools of the incredibly hard fighting King (Chinook) Salmon to their staging areas offshore on eastern Lake Ontario before they make their final spawning runs into tributaries that feed the lake. These trophies range in size from 25 to 40 pounds and when you hook up to one of these, HOLD ON! They will run until their heart's content. This unbelievable fishing lasts into October.

    After the Salmon run, mid-October to mid-November, we go back to fishing for Steelhead and Browns as the waters of Lake Ontario begin to chill, bringing the action back to the surface. Limit catches are common during peak periods.


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